Proven Results

I have successfully developed a can't fail process, that when a client sticks to it, guarantees they will stop smoking

Helping people stop smoking is very enjoyable work, as my clients have so much to gain from their health, socialising, employment and improving their financial situation. 

I charge a once only fee and provide free top up hypnosis sessions if, in the unlikely event more than one session is required to ensure my client's success. 

SMoKIng Results

"I was a heavy smoker. Doctor's advice was keep smoking and you will soon stop paying tax. Perry was suggested by a friend and I was surprised to stop cold after one hypnosis session. I'm now breathing much better and can't stand the sight of people smoking." - Paul

"I had hypnosis previously and it did not work. On reflection I was probably not ready to stop at the time. I did hypnosis with Perry which was much different to my first experience. I left the session feeling incredibly strong and focussed, and can sit with my friends who smoke and I'm not the slightest bit tempted to have one. Six months free of smoking Stress." - Judy

"After one session of hypnosis with Perry I quit smoking and have not had one cigarette for 15 months. I wasn't convinced it was going to work but after the first month was sure it would. I feel great, thanks Perry." - Leanne

"Haven't had a cigarette in 11 months. Should have gone and had hypnosis a long time ago." - Lynne

"Smoking was driving me crazy. I would get frustrated and angry with my kids, go outside and have a couple of cigarettes, calm down and then go back to my kids. I was in a cycle. I did stop smoking with Perry. It was a bit tough at first, but I soon forgot about them. Now that I'm not smoking my kids are fine, it was me and the chemicals. Should I ever weaken I'm coming straight back to see you." - Sue

"I was smoking like a chimney and felt like a leper always hiding or standing out in the cold. Will never go back, Perry smashed my habit." - Dave

"My dad died from lung cancer so I knew i had to stop. Doctor told me about Perry and I gave it a go. Somehow it works. No cigarettes six months later, feel great." - S (Port Pirie)

"Stopped smoking straight away. I tried patches and gum but smoked with them." - A

"Started smoking with the kids at school, what a mistake. Anyhow, Perry stopped me and I haven't looked back since." - M

"The science involved in cigarettes is staggering. To think that 4000 ingredients are used making them is mind boggling. The money I used to blow now buys me a holiday. 12 months without a cig, good on ya Perry." - AB

Weightloss Results

"I lost 15 kilos in 6 months after three hypnosis sessions. with Perry. The hypnosis sessions have kept me on track, a little voice talks to me when I look at food that is not nutritious. I'm so happy and feel great. I've got my life in order and saving money for the first time in my life." - K

"Went and saw Perry for weight loss. Was steadily gaining weight despite my best efforts. I quickly lost 3 kilos, then a further 2 kilos and have now maintained this weight for nearly a year. While I'm not where I'd like to me I'm feeling much better and have more energy." - Deb

"I am feeling great. For this first time this morning I looked into the mirror and I could actually tell I have lost weight. It is the greatest feeling. I have been sleeping really well and my mental strength is the strongest it has ever been. I haven't felt this good in a long time and I know that I can keep going without all the bad foods I used to eat, and I'm not even missing chocolate. I just can't believe how much I have changed since my first appointment with you. I can't thank you enough for helping me get on track so I can get where I need to be - happy and healthy and feel confident in my own skin. Thanks." - H

"No sugar and no coke zero, no chocolate whatsoever. Don't even care about it. Haven't weighed myself but I know I have lost weight just by how my clothes are fitting. I have much more energy and by bloods have dropped 4 points without my diabetes medication. I am very happy and had the best Easter without chocolate. Thanks." - S

"Wow is the first word that came out after my hypnosis, having never felt such an uplifting sensation. It's bizzare I can't workout how it works, I'm just slowly losing weight. It's like I've had a beautiful dream and woken up with this whole new outlook, I couldn't be happier." - S 

"Weight loss hypnosis works. Went to Perry after trying many diets to the best of my ability. At 65 years old I'd almost given up and thought I'd give it one last go. After my session I went home feeling rather well but not sure how it would go. After the first month I had only lost 2 kilos and thought that probably was not going much more weight. To my delight, month after month I've lost approximately 1.5 to 2 kilos each month. It is not 13 months since my hypnosis and I'm now 18 kilos lighter months since my hypnosis and I'm now 18 kilos lighter my overall health is much better my life has improved in so many ways." - Margaret  

"I did hypnosis to lose weight at the time I was depressed, fatigued, overweight and borderline diabetic. I had poor self control and even lower self esteem. When I arrived at the clinic I was extremely nervous hypnosis was taking me right out of my comfort zone. My fears were soon dispelled, Perry's professionalism made me feel at ease and the room was just so relaxing. The whole treatment was just so enjoyable I went away feeling energised and optimistic. I was so excited, when I got home my partner thought I had been drinking. 
To my surprise, my sleep has improved out of sight having never really been a good sleeper, by bloods are much improved and I have experienced amazing new levels of self control. My partner thought this cannot last but it has. My advice to anyone is hypnosis is fun, powerful and enlightening. I've lost just over 10 kilos in 6 months." - Jenny

"I didn't realise it was possible to change life long bad habits that bad been strangling me, until I had met Perry at the Kadina markets. When he explained to me how often I was in a natural state of hypnosis I was quite surprised. My decision was easy: have weight loss hypnosis, have my weaknesses addressed and have a new positive outlook installed. It is 12 weeks since my hypnosis losing 8 kilos and feeling terrific. I will never go on a diet again. Eating good nutritious foods when I'm hungry is now my life. Complex carbs, meat, chicken, fish veggies and two pieces of fruit each day is just so easy to do. It is now fun saying no to junk food, I can sit with others and I'm not the slightest bit tempted. I'm a totally different person motivated to succeed thanks to Perry. - Jessica 

Depression results

"I suffered depression for many years and had many different types of treatment. Perry was recommended to me and two sessions of Hypnosis with energy healing changed my outlook. I was now optimistic that I still had a chance to beat this. I then had therapy from Nicky. She is so kind and patient, even though her process is rather fast. I am now back working and looking forward to each day. I can't thank you enough." - Tom